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We are currently waiting for a recommended CraftBukkit build before we update to 1.2. Also, it is expected that a lot of plugins will break with the new update, so please have some patience. ūüôā

~The Staff


Short update

As of today, we installed Minecart Mania, meaning we don’t need powered rails etc.

Also, the monorail has been fixed and is now fully operational again.

There is now a new monorail station in New Dynao City (spawn city), which is connected to the Castle/Stadium station. Also, there will be a lot restoring of old buildings that were destroyed. The 9/11 memorial and the bridge to the castle have been restored.

SoodleNoup restored the castle (one tower) and the old station.

~The Staff

Fancying up things

We’re planning on fancying up the map of our server to attract new members. This includes improving existing worlds, and building new buildings that have a greater look.¬†As you could have noticed, our old spawn was destroyed in such way that it was impossible to repair. Therefore, we are making a new spawning area to begin with.

Spawn city needs a lot of improvements. Help Рor even ideas Рfrom other members is appreciated. Comment here or contact an admin in game.

~The Staff

Major griefing on server -> new rules

Yesterday afternoon and evening (GMT+1) we noticed that several structures on the map were griefed with lava and TNT.
Several structures are now FUBAR.

We are very dissapointed by the players who have partaken in this griefing and took advantage of the trust we have given them. We do know who the players are, but we are not going to name anybody.

To stop this from happening more often, we have taken some precautions:

  • We installed LogBlock to detect griefers faster and restore griefed areas quicker.
  • We removed the building permissions for Default players.¬† To build, you have to register on the forums.

Still feeling dissapointed,

~The Staff

FunkytownMC V2 is up and running!

Today’s maintenance had 1 reason.

1 BIG reason.

I and MueberryBluffin present to you…


The main changes are:

  • Complete plugin overhaul
  • Whitelist removal

We’d like you to have a good time, and also recommend friends and/or relatives to play on our server!

Don’t forget to register on our forums!

~The Staff

Planned maintenance!

The server is down for a while.

Expect important news this evening.

~The Staff


This is the page of FunkytownMC Minecraft server, hosted by SoodleNoup and MueberryBluffin.

This server has been around for almost a year and a half right now, and we’re still playing on the same map! We’re a friendly community, and we engage in mostly creative playing. We do, however, play spleef and we’re open to loads of new playing methods!

The server features plenty of room for building, also in themed cities (roman, general, scientific/technologic).

Up until now, we used a whitelist, to protect the server from griefing and other nasty aspects. Now, we noticed that many players don’t want to hassle with signing up, so we removed the whitelist. Hopefully, the community will grow and we will gain a number of permanent players.

We hope to see you on the server soon!

~The Staff