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Spawn city is expanding

June 7, 2012

It has been almost a month now that we have a new map, and spawn city is expanding rapidly.

Some features:

  • Spawn garden
  • Town hall
  • Market square
  • Some houses
  • Windmill and watermill (with a small windmill)
  • Slum area with houses
  • A couple of guarding towers and half the island covered with city walls

See our map (click on “smooth_lighting” in the right upper corner)

We’ve made huge progress on the enormous castle we’re building on an island close to spawn thanks to SoodleNoup. All outer walls and the courtyard are done. However, we still need to build a lot.

Things we are planning to build:

  • Finishing the castle of course (will take about 2-3 months?)
  • Finishing the city walls and 1-2 guarding towers
  • More houses and shops around spawning area
  • Agricultural areas in the suburbs
  • Fancying up the island of castle; including a ditch around the castle, making it less squared and including a bridge towards Spawn City
  • Landscaping/plants/trees in Spawn City
  • Last but not least; a big harbor.

Finishing Spawn City will take approx. 3 months, we think. If you want to help, have building experience and can build in medieval/fantasy style, contact our admins ingame.

~ The Staff 


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